The Trump Network – Internet Marketing at Its Best Or Worst?

The Trump Network – Internet Marketing at Its Best Or Worst?

The ultra-modern warm item on net advertising is the Trump Network. How does the Trump Network compare to different community advertising and marketing packages. The following regions had been evaluated to examine of the maximum popular net network advertising packages:

-Commission Schedule
-Consumer involvement
-What is protected in entry package
-Annual fees.
-Projected annual household income of customer.
-World extensive delivery arrangements.
-Cost of tools and training.

The Multilevel Marketing Programs (MLM) so one can be in comparison are Strong Future International (SFI) and the Trump Network (TN). The net is alive with the pre-release $10,000 DIAMOND TRUMP BUCKS hype for the Trump Network even as SFI has been around because 1998. Both of those networks have the goal to allow oldsters to make cash on-line.

Commission Schedule

The Trump Network seems to be closely load to produce big income for the better tiers of the upline and the decrease levels are the pawns to the top degrees. SFI has a more balance method but stages for profits are better. Both might be very profitable for the person that make the effort and realizes the limitations of the man or woman software.


Trump Network at the moment has release data on simplest one product. It is a up to date version of the antique Amway Vitamin line. The hype is that this one is personally tailored to satisfy your needs. I take this with reservations. It is an high priced product costing about $60 per individual in line with month.

SFI has a massive and varied product line. This organisation affords a few product that each person can get excited about. They actually have a income web site within the Triple Clicks line that allows you to promote gadgets in plenty the equal manner as eBay. They provide the MaxMall line that has over a hundred and seventy shops to selected merchandise from.

What Is Included In Kit

The SFI access package is essentially an internet web site get right of entry to that has the only cost of being your electronic mail deal with. This give you get right of entry to to their affiliate program and the capability to through products and sign on new associates on your down line. This gives you access to the entire schooling application. The handiest upsell to this basic entry stage is the “eye earn application” and it price 20 dollars.

The Trump Network has entry ranges. The quick start technique that sells for $497.00 and the basic stage that sells for $forty eight.00. The most effective distinction that I can see to these levels is that for the primary couple of months the high priced version permits you get entry to to a number of the better degree stuff what ever that is. I even have no longer considered the Trump Training software.

Annual Fees

The Trump Network has an annual price for club as can high-quality be determined from the internet web site. (I even have no longer but purchased a membership) The annual charges can be mentioned inside the club bundle.

SFI is a loose entry MLM commercial enterprise no annual fees are charged.

Projected Annual Household Income of Customer

The cost of the product for The Trump Network is $60.00 according to month in line with person the once a year income of the purchaser own family for a four member family would be approximately $100,000 per yr. Assuming that simplest the 2 adults in the circle of relatives took the supplements the value could be $1400 consistent with year for the own family. In order to have $1400 according to yr discretionary earnings the circle of relatives could need to bring home over $80,000 consistent with 12 months or about $100,000 gross income.

SFI has no minimum necessities however in addition they would like you to sign up for a minimal program. All MLM’s push minimal product usage. This ensures the existence of this system. Even if clients simplest buy for themselves the business enterprise is comfortable.

World Wide Shipping Arrangements

Trump Network may not be capable of deliver their product, at the least the modern-day product international huge. There can be many governmental and fitness restrictions for the import of those product in many nations. The parents at SFI have turn out to be a in reality international huge employer with the addition or local supply facilities and nearby commercial enterprise in which there products may be picked up.

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