The Fundamentals Of Planning Your Business Travel Like An Expert

The Fundamentals Of Planning Your Business Travel Like An Expert


A clearly defined travel policy is an essential (and cost-effective) method of efficient managing travel. A clearly defined travel policy must provide clear guidelines to all employees in relation to the responsibilities they have while traveling, the travel arrangements and costspaises y capitales de europa.

There are numerous aspects to take into account when creating the travel policy of your business.

While cost-effectiveness is a crucial need, it’s essential to not compromise the security and quality of your travel services or reduce the quality of your employees’ needs. Give a few choices to allow employees to pick the one that they like the most. It is possible to avoid unneeded compromises by allowing employees to share their ideas and opinions when making decisions.

Always ensure that you have current contact information on hand in case of emergency.

Responsibility regarding expenses – personal, business, leisure etc. It is essential that all expenses are specific and clearly defined.


The way you plan your travel has changed by the proliferation of booking websites. The problem with the rise in the number of these tools is deciding which one to make use of for your business travel planning.

It is a great idea to use a ‘personalized’ online booking tool that is designed to be customised to your company’s specific policy and requirements for travel. While having your own travel technology offers advantages, like the ability to boost efficiency through built in approval processes and allowing you to manage your travel plans at any time but there are some drawbacks to consider. The initial creation and assembly along with the ongoing administration of a customized online booking tool could be quite costly. Another issue is that all research required will be your charge. This raises the question of whether the ease of use is worth the effort and expense.

An excellent alternative is to take advantage of a company for travel management (TMC). Partnering with TMC TMC is to acquire a seasoned travel management resource that’s a dedicated travel specialist. A TMC can help with making right decision about travel, according to your particular business needs. Other benefits include assistance with a myriad of other concerns like VISA applications and ground transportation; organizing Forex and assisting with emergency travel issues.

The best option is to make use of a combination of both. The benefits of TMCs are evident and often they come with an online booking system which companies can make use of. In this way, you will get the most of both worlds: the ease and control of booking your travel your self, and the personal support and assistance in more complex and/ or time-consuming procedures.


While business travel is an important and a probable aspect of many companies, it’s not with no risks. A business has a responsibility of care towards its employees. That means that it has an obligation under law (and ethical) obligation to avoid the any risk of injury for employees during the course of a business trip, to the greatest extent feasible. It is your responsibility (the travel agent) to make sure that necessary safety measures and precautions have been put in place. This includes ensuring that you have adequate travel insurance that covers medical coverage as well as lost luggage, flights cancellations, natural disasters and terrorist acts and everything else in between.

Employees should be aware of the potential risks that come with their travel destinations prior to departure and should be advised of the course of action to take in the event of an emergency in the travel sector.

It is essential to keep track of where your company’s travelling employees are without fail. There are a variety of apps and tools online that can help you maintain track and remain in contact with your travelers.


It is cheaper to save money when you are prepared when you make arrangements for travel. Studies have proven that business travelers who reserve their flights one day in advance could be charged up to 200 percent more for their flight.

Contrary to that, flights typically are the most affordable starting three weeks or more before departure. Utilizing a plan for purchase that is advanced will help you minimize or lessen the impact of fluctuating prices on the travel budget of your business. While it’s not always feasible to reserve this early (since plans and meetings can be altered at the very last minute) It is worth it for the long-term.


Travel planning isn’t an easy job – it’s much more than just planning the itinerary. The duties of a manager span from bookings to budget approvals, policy management, reporting and managing emergencies involving travel. Additionally, there’s the task of locating the most economical transportation, flights accommodations, etc.


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