The Covenant you make with Death An Agreement with Hell

The Covenant you make with Death An Agreement with Hell

When we stroll through the glorious blaze in the sunlight, we don’t spend long to think about our demise as well as our home forever. The Bible says that we are bound by an appointment as well as a covenant with death as well as an understanding with Hell Covenant with Jesus.

Isa 28:15 For you have declared”We have made a promise to death and hell. are we in agreement and when the scourge of hell will be able to traverse, it will not be a threat to us; because we have made deceit our refuge, and in lies have we hidden ourselves. Do we believe that these doctrines that will help them save themselves at the event of Christs return? Do they think that Wood, Hay and Stubble will save them from the flame of eternal hell?

Isa 28:15, is these thoughts, words and attitudes of people who are able to be against God and His Son Jesus. From the Mosaic Law to the Law of Grace and Mercy.

Like in those Days of the Mosaic Law Today, there are a lot of people who reject the words of God. The Bible is among the most widely read books throughout the history of the world. Many people read it for some guidance or salvation, while some read it to discover mistakes.

Many of the most renowned scholars from the past and of the present have tried to stay clear of this topic Many have claimed that hell is an imaginary location created by the church, and that death is simply the final phase of lifewith there is no reward or punishment. Isa 28:15; Covenant A consent or agreement between two or more people to perform or be absconding from a particular act or thing A contract or stipulation. Agreement; Unity of Minds regarding the transfer of interest bargain; compact contract and agreement.

The covenant of death was made in the death of Adam. We all have been born under the curse that Adam and Eve gave us. We all belong to the Family of Man, from the beginning until the final. As we were born we have the same responsibility to adhere to the covenant Adam made for everyone. We are also ordained to die.

Rom 5:14 However, death reigned between Adam to Moses and even over those who had not committed sins in the same manner as Adam’s transgression. He is the model of him who was to come. Act 17:26 and hath created from one blood all the peoples to be a part of the the earth. He also set the dates before he established, and the limits of their dwelling;

The agreement some sign with hell is spiritual, more than the body that signs an agreement with hell to be bound by no regulations or limitations regarding our actions as physical beings. Fulfilling the flesh and giving Satan control the soul.

Deu 32:22 for a fire is ignited in my anger and will flame to the depths of hell, and will devour the earth in her growth and will set on fire the mountain’s foundations. In the KJV, the word,”Hell” has been mentioned in 55 instances throughout the KJV.

It is all based on the belief of it being a site of absolute suffering and is a result of Gods hatred for humanity. Psa 21:8 The hand of God will be able to find all enemies; thy right hand will discover the ones who are against you. Some say that they do not require God We are beautiful, we’re smart, and we are in charge of our own destiny, and we are gods in our own right. We have reached the peak of intelligence, knowledge understanding, knowledge and comprehension of the world around us and the Universe is all ours explore and form.

Psa 21:9 Thou shalt build them into a fiery oven at the time of thy anger. LORD will swallow them up in his fury and the flame will consume them.

In Mat 23:13 we are shown an examples of what was taking place in the times of Jesus However, we also witness the things happening in the present day world. Many teachers preaching man-made doctrines and other things that are in opposition to the Scriptures False religions, false doctrines, and books written by men, to be written by man, according to the dictates of man and not the will of God.

Bibles written by humans who alter Gods word False prophets are created to appear as something they aren’t such as such as the Books of, Nostradamus, Scientology, Joseph Smith, the Church of Satan bible, Marshal Applewhite, Jim Jones, the new world religion and many more.

Man has created gods made of wood, stone gold, paper, and stone. Not just the people who worship them but all those who have faith in these gods. Mankind has, from at the times of Adam tried to create gods that could satisfy the desires of the flesh. To make salvation easier to attain, but these were dark times.

Mat 23:13. But woe to you, scribes, and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you have shut the heavens’ kingdom against men and women. You cannot take a step, nor allow those coming to enter.

Like those who follow Nostradamus his writings are so ambiguous that anyone could interpret the meaning of any of his words to mean anything they’d like. It’s not the words, however, but the use by humans of the words that pose an actual and current threat. These writings are the result of deceit and confusion. If people were to view the story as a fiction, the story could be different. However, the usage of these words can create an obstacle for those who impart knowledge as well as an obstacle to those who hear and believe. As Jesus said “ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” Isa 28:9 To whom shall impart knowledge? And who will he teach the doctrines more understandable? People who are weaned off of the milk, and then drawn from breasts. The ignorance and indifference of men make them susceptible to every kind of false doctrines, and which leads to a deal with death and a stipulation with hell.

False preachers, prophets, and ministers of lies; Mat 23:28 in public, ye appear as if you are righteous to men But within, you are filled with hypocrisy and iniquity. Mat 23:33 Ye serpents the vipers of your generation What can you do to avoid the wrath of hell?




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