Nirvana on the Beach – What is Yours?

Nirvana on the Beach – What is Yours?

When you think of nirvana on the beach, what do you picture? Most people will picture themselves either relaxing on the beach in the sun without a care in the world or watching the sunset over the ocean horizon. Others will picture it as an intimate encounter on a secluded beach. Nobody is wrong because each person’s nirvana on the beach is personal to them.

Nirvana means total happiness or Nirvana Memorial Garden completely at peace so as you can imagine nirvana on the beach is not difficult to achieve. The most difficult thing about achieving it is actually getting to your beach. You might consider a good travel agent for this.

Let your travel agent know that you want it. It won’t be the first time that the agent has heard this, so she will understand exactly what you want and where to send you. Your agent might find you an exclusive beach resort in Cancun or perhaps a beach cabin (actually made of straw) in Tahiti that requires a rowboat to get to because the cabin actually stands on stilts in the ocean. That would be the ideal nirvana on the beach for many people – talk about an ocean view!

Your travel agent might also think that when you ask for nirvana on the beach you actually want to stay at the Beach resort in Negril, Jamaica. Nirvana on the Beach, Negril is the ultimate it because it is very exclusive and very private, with only eight rental units. Each unit is a private cottage on the beautiful private beach. Look up Nirvana on the Beach, Negril and take a look at what this exquisite resort has to offer. You may find yourself in the state of nirvana at home just dreaming about it.

You can also find nirvana on the beach at the Nirvana Beach Resort in the Philippines. This resort is located in Boracay Bay and offers beautiful rooms, condos, or villas for rent. The resort is just steps away from the gorgeous White Sands Beach where you can achieve your nirvana every day of your stay.

Don’t want to leave home? How about the Nirvana Spa in Miami Beach? Here you can achieve nirvana on the beach in a completely different way, with the help of a mud bath and a masseuse. You can visit the Nirvana Grille in Laguna Beach, California if your nirvana on the beach consists of a great meal before retiring to the sandy beach for one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Make your unique nirvana on the beach getaway plans today. Call your travel agent or go online to find some great travel deals for your next vacation.


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