Monatomic Gold As A Supplement

Monatomic Gold As A Supplement

They’re gold… veins! If you don’t know what gold is, you’re not the first person to have heard. It has been used since ancient times as the standard of monetary value. But, why? Why is the gold so special? It’s not quite as rare as people believe. However, it has some very special properties. Gold is known in Chemistry as a “noble”, meaning that it is nonreactive with other substances. Noble elements can retain their original chemical property, unlike other substances. What does this really mean? Why is gold so prized for its use in jewelry and as money ormus monoatomic gold .

It seems that people have always been able to sense the special qualities of gold. It just feels good on the skin. A mineral supplement is another common use for the gold. It used to be common to infuse the skin with a gold penny to relieve pain. People reported that they found their minds became sharper and their dreams were more vivid. Ancien Egyptians ingested “white powder of golden” to enhance their spiritual practices. According to some legends, after taking the “shemmanah” and practicing meditation, the initiate could “walk into the afterlife realm without experiencing physical death.” The “lightbody”, or the transfiguration of the body, was achieved. High-end stereo equipment made in electronics uses gold-plated connection. Audio geeks know to use gold for the best sound.

What do you think might happen to the electrical circuitry of your brain and nervous-system after you take gold? You might be able to hear your inner voice more clearly if you have gold. Monatomic gold has been the subject of many scientific studies. ORMUS (Orbitally-Rearraged Monatomic Elements), is known to enhance brain function, synchronize brain hemispheres and repair DNA.

Imagine if ORMUS could make every system in your body more efficient. ORMUS helped me experience vivid dreams and sharper mental faculties. I feel less emotional reactive and can keep my cool. I feel more energetic, and I’m moving more actively towards my goal. I would like to share ORMUS to as many people as possible. I believe one must already be at a certain level in spiritual unfoldment before being attracted to this. So, for those who feel ready, may the Golden Sun guide and direct you along your heart’s journey.




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