How to do Yoga Back Bending Exercises

How to do Yoga Back Bending Exercises

This series features the Sivananda Style Of Yoga.

As I am about to conclude, yoga requires that the body be gently and skillfully moved in every direction. Therefore, every muscle gets stretched and toned.

Additionally, the internal organs of the body can be massaged and squeezed to increase their functionality.

The skeletal system also allows for more joint mobility by flexing, rotating, rotating, and twisting Rückengymnastik im Stehen.

After having covered forward bending yoga exercises let’s get into the backward-bending pose.

Notable to be mentioned is that because of the movement in any asana, it is necessary to perform a counter pose to compensate. A counter posture is a yoga move that reverses the direction of a previous position or places your spine back in neutral.

So, since we have done forward bends with their direct counter poses (also in the case of the headstand/child’s pose and Shoulder-stand/Bridge and Fish Poses), we would now to an overall back ward bending portion of the session.

These powerful poses invigorate and encourage deep, calming breathing.

They are also known to open and energize the mind and body, as well as boosting courage and lifting depression. They open your chest, stimulate the nervous systems, strengthen your arms and shoulders, and increase flexibility.

There are many back-bending exercises. But this is the one that has the most effectiveness.

Bow Pose – (Dhanurasana).

This pose has been hailed as the best in backward bending.


Lie Prone upon the blanket. Relax your muscles.

Now, extend your legs above the thighs.

Take hold of your right ankle with one hand and hold onto your left ankle with the other.

You can raise the head, legs and body by pulling on the legs with your fingers so that the entire body rests on it.

The Bow Pose offers many benefits

It relieves constipation.

It helps to relieve gastrointestinal disorders and increase sexual fitness.

It reduces fat, energizes digestion and invigorates the appetite.

It builds upper body strength.

Duration: 5 seconds – 3 minutes

SuggestEd counterpose

Crocodile Corpse Pose

Crocodile Corpse Pose

You will need to lie down on your stomach with your head inward. Your forehead should rest on top of your folded arms/or sideways.

Keep this pose for anywhere from 1-3 seconds.

Chakrasana, Wheel Pose, or Chakrasana

Now we will be taking the Wheel Pose.

Folks, as its name suggests, the Wheel Pose (or Chakrasana) involves body movements in a way that makes the resulting position resemble a semicircle.

This asana is reminiscent of the gymnastic back bent.

But it is worth noting that the difference between the two poses is that in the wheel pose, the person lies straight down on the ground and then raises their body upwards. In the gymnastic rear bends, however, the individual rises up and holds his arms straight while bending backwards so that his palms rest on the ground.

This asana should be practiced in the morning (or afternoon) if possible.

Now, let’s get into the actual procedure:

Wheel Pose – Chakrasana

Lie Down. Bend your arms to the side.

Release your body and relax your feet.

Put your head securely between your shoulders.

This pose

-Influences all hormonal substances and relieves various conditions.

-Reinforces the armpits and wrists.

-Keeps the skin supple and alert.

Duration: Between 15 seconds and 2 minutes

At this stage you would be physiologically in an opposing position to the bow posture (similar to how the plough is a direct opposite to the forward bend, see the link? Then, instead of executing the restorative pose, we would move into the next poses, the spine twists.

These exercises include back bending and other essentials.

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