Four Simple Solutions to Tame and Organize Remote and Game Controllers

 Four Simple Solutions to Tame and Organize Remote and Game Controllers

I was thinking about an earlier time, when the family would gather around the TV to watch shows such as “Happy Days,”” “The Partridge Family,” “I dream of Jeannie” and my dad’s favourite, “Adam-12.” In those days we had a variety of channels to pick from and, here’s the kicker that we were required to get up to change channels!

Now, we’re in the 20th century and let me be honest it – I’ve gotten used to the ever-changing technological age. However, every new gadget television, gaming system, and DVD player comes complete with the remote which soon becomes a hazard risk everywhere on the coffee table in our living room light up game controller.

It’s funny that these handy devices, also known as “remote” controllers can be a magical way of disappearing into an unidentified remote location whenever you require them most. Most of us don’t know how to control our television without our controllers, which is why it’s so essential to have a specific place for these devices.

Here are four easy remote control management solutions that everyone can master.

Sure , you can invest for a chic remote control system but I’d suggest you use items you already have in your home, such as a beautiful wicker basket attractive vase, photo frame or clear shoe box and so on. Why would you spend more money when you could put an item to use once?

Label each remote and place them in the same place as the appropriate remote.

Plastic clear “over over the doors” shoe organizers work great for organizing remote controls as well as gaming controllers with video. Label each pocket with specific controller types. Take as much as you need and return it as needed.

All instruction manuals should be placed in a folder so that should the remote is lost in a huge black hole or slips through the couch and into Narnia You can contact the manufacturer for an alternative or simply search for the model number to find an identical model at the local electronics store. Replacements aren’t expensive or costly, and vary based on model and designs, therefore you have the option to choose.

Whichever method you select the most important part is to train the entire family to move all remotes in their appropriate homes.

Technology is constantly evolving that I’m certain that soon, remote devices are likely to be replaced by voice recognition. In the meantime, making sure that all your remotes are well-organized and easily accessible can keep your life easy and enjoyable in the present.

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