Autogenic Relaxation: Migraine Pain Management

Autogenic Relaxation: Migraine Pain Management

My migraine headaches started in my teens. I knew when one was approaching! I would head to a dark, quiet space, then lie down and close my eyes. This allowed me to focus on the task at hand. I set out to relax completely. I controlled my breath and focused on my goal to complete relaxation. I would drift off to sleep after a few seconds. My headaches began to subside when I awoke about an hour or so later.

My parents described this phenomenon to me as “thinking way past” my migraine. This has worked for years for me. Although my precursors are much less frequent, it still works for me Progressive Muskelentspannung.

Autogenic relaxation was something that I learned as a teenager during the 60s. It was years later that the autogenic relaxation I thought I was using to “disarm” my migraines was real. Autogenic relaxation is a concept I invented, so I consider myself a pioneer.

Autogenic relaxation is an extraordinary tool in pain management. This is also called palliative (or medical) care. Autogenic relaxation can be used regardless of the cause or etiology of the pain. It is an excellent tool for caregivers, doctors and nurses.

Research studies on tension-type headache sufferers, or migraine sufferers, suggest that autogenic relaxation techniques may be more beneficial than medication, psychotherapy, and biofeedback for those suffering from chronic headache pain.

Biofeedback is an additional tool that is closely related with autogenic relaxation. Biofeedback produces similar positive results with a small number of patients. Biofeedback is a complex electronic approach that cannot be done by everyone.

Although autogenic relaxation happened to me intuitively, others might find it useful to pursue training in this technique.

There are many websites that provide information on these techniques. I recommend them to anyone suffering from chronic headache pain. This information is often free. You can also buy courses on compact disks.

Yoga is a common practice with autogenic relaxation techniques. You may find yoga valuable as an alternative or complement. Yoga allows you to relax your mind and muscles through various exercises, meditative techniques and other activities.

You have many options and courses to prepare for a career in massage therapy.

Massage therapy can help people relax, treat injuries, and relieve stress. If you are able to complete formal education, you will be able to learn the specialized methods used in implementing therapy. Numerous colleges offer courses and programs that will prepare you for your career as a masseur.

A number of accredited natural healing colleges offer programs for career preparation. Education training teaches students to safely and properly use soft-tissue all over the body. A professional degree will allow students to learn about the beneficial effects of the body. They can help with diseases, circulation problems, emotional disorders, and many other things. You can train at the certificate or advanced level. Advanced certifications enable students to become a specialist in a certain area of massage. Ccranial sacral therapy, for example, can be completed. This modality provides a broad overview of techniques that can be used to improve the health of the scalp, sacrum, spine and brain. An alternative option for students is to pursue associates degrees programs. These programs provide an in-depth overview of the field.

The certificate programs allow students to learn different modalities, while also exploring the anatomy of the body. These courses cover the anatomy of both Eastern and Western techniques and how to interact with clients. Some techniques that are covered in a comprehensive certificate program include deep-tissue massage therapy, shiatsu, Swedish and shiatsu. Students will learn different approaches to massage therapy and use their knowledge in hands on courses. Some courses that help students become massage therapists include:


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations (CPR).

Professional Development

Students are able to choose a specific area of study in an advanced certificate program. This could be medical massage, myofascial relief, aromatherapy, somatic, or sports massage. The program allows students who have already completed general certificate programs to enhance their knowledge in an area of special interest. Students who are trained in sports massage, for example, can help athletes prevent injury and heal from it. Many courses that are integrated into programs include:

Body mechanics

Business ethics

Massage Therapeutics

Assisting in massage therapy associate programs is recommended for anyone who wants to work in the industry or set up their own private business. Along with business administration skills, a broad range of techniques can be learned. Training involves learning specific techniques to treat certain diseases and using multiple methods to relieve stress. There are many courses that could be offered, including:

Pathology of Disease

Medical Terminology




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