7 Tips To Clean That Barbecue Grill And Keeping It Clean

7 Tips To Clean That Barbecue Grill And Keeping It Clean

One thing I used to be a bit grumpy after a delicious barbecue was having to take on the task of cleaning up after the meal. There’s no escaping how it needs to be completed. However, the method by which it’s done is crucial aspect. It was only after I discovered that there are better ways instead of wasting endless washing up sponges and permanently blackening anything it touched, that the cleaning tools could be reused and my barbecue could be properly cleaned grill cleaning brush.

The Knack

If you’re a master of the craft, of keeping the charcoal grill ready to grill is simple.

Let the coals die completely before you can begin brushing the grill’s grates with a hard wire brush. Scrape off any loose material from the grill as well as the grates, and then take them away. The next time you’re set to ignite your grill, first clean the grate again, and then coat it lightly with a thin layer of oil. If you follow this method often, you will notice that the grill is always fresh and ready to cook.

To avoid your grill getting rusty, you must not allow the ashes to accumulate on the grill’s bottom days at a time. They can block circulation of air and are likely to accumulate water, which is why they start to rust. Therefore, make sure you take the ashes out of the pan that collects them below the grill when they’re cool. If you don’t happen to own a grill that has an Ash catcher, like an Weber One-Touch for example, it’s likely to be simple to remove any ash off the bottom of the grill with either a cup or a big spoon.

A Useful Tip

For a gas barbecue the best advice I have is to remove the food that has been cooked from the grill, and then cover it, and continue warming the barbecue for another 15 to 20 minutes. It is likely that this technique burns off the majority of the remaining grease off the grill, and keeps it clean for the next time. It won’t work all the time, but every now and then more effort to clean must be made.

This is a lot more severe if you’ve allowed your grill to deteriorate throughout the summer, or, even more importantly, have a dirty, winter-long grill that you must prepare for the summer. It’s not all lost but. Prepare yourself to tackle one of the toughest chores you’ll ever have to complete Then vow to never allow it to happen again.

If you own an gas grill, the first thing to do is to cut off from the lines for gas. The grill should be dismantled for a thorough inspection, beginning with the fittings in the interior right up all the elements for heating. If you notice any rust, take it off immediately. After that, you can clean fittings inside with soapy water. To remove difficult marks, use scratched down piece of aluminium foil. Rinse the grill using clean water and let it dry completely before rebuilding your grill. The grill should now be shining clean and is ready to host your summer barbecues. Be sure to maintain the cleanliness.

A Grimy Grill?

If your grill is really dirty particularly the charcoal type it is possible to require more than soapy water or a simple scrubber method.Try mixing the baking soda and water to create an easy paste. Apply the paste to your grill using the wire brush. You can then use aluminum foil to finish the rub-down, then wipe it clean and observe the results.

A less efficient, but easier alternative is to use oven cleaner. Spray your grill with oven cleaner. Then place the racks in an garbage bag, and then tie them up. The bag should remain for a couple of hours outdoors on a sunny day and then take the grill off and wash it clean. Instead of putting it into the garbage bag, you can simply place the grill in the oven and clean the oven in the process!

For a grill that is really dirty Why not try this

The least appealing option is to use ammonia, which I would prefer to stay clear of. If you have to, put on gloves and put on an eye mask on using paper towels that have been soaked in ammonia. Place them on either end of the shelves. then put them into the garbage bag, and secure it. Put them in the freezer overnight, away from your home naturally, and then outfit yourself with gloves and a mask, and then open to the trash bag. Keep away from smoke as you clean the racks clean with more paper towels. If they appear as clean as you could achieve, give them an all-over wash using soapy water and rinse.






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